People and Technology

PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY provides a consolidated IoT platform that can be serviced throughout various industry sectors such as healthcare, factories, construction sites to improve work efficiency and safety. Our objective is to discover and create new values through hidden data and give it a new life cycle to benefit our partners and customers.

IndoorPlus+ SmartCare

IndoorPlus+ SmartCare specializes in the healthcare sector. Hospitals, elderly homes, and numerous types of “care” services can take full advantage of our automated, real-time data and fully integrate with multiple kinds of medical devices for patient monitoring. We collect, analyze, and provide values with high scalability for future expansion.

Always on

Zero absence


Real-time Location
Faster Response Time
Wandering Prevention
Asset Utilization Improvement


Medical Cold-Chain Devices
7/24 Temperature Monitoring
Alarm upon Malfunction
Various Sensor Types


Patient Biometric Data
7/24 Monitoring
Alarm upon Emergency
Patient Data as Knowledge Asset

Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing for Infectious Disease
Minimizes Cohort Shutdown
Sterilization Area List
Disease Template